Barlow Wadley XCR-30. Review.

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2 Responses

  1. Jim Attrill says:

    Hi Bryce, I have inherited one of these radios (with FM) from my late FIL who used to work for the SABC broadcasting in French. The aerial is broken off and one knob – the ‘Clarify SSB’ is missing. It works fine on FM but doesn’t seem to pick up any SW stations. So do you think I should resolder the joints? I only have a cheapo soldering gun but maybe then I should get a Wella or similar. What do you think? It also seems that these radios are worth something – not that I would sell it anyway.

  2. Jim Attrill says:

    I have a Barlow-Wadley with FM. It only works on FM and not at all on any other setting. I took it apart and couldn’t see anything wrong with the joints so put it back together again. The FM reception is good with a bit of wire although the aerial is broken off.
    Does anyone fix these radios? I am in Johannesburg.

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