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Rabbit Ears 0

The Rabbit Ears Website

Above is the logo of a website that I found while searching for a list of TV stations. In another article, I refer to this website as a source for some of the article’s...

RF Choke Coil on Antennas 0

RF Choke Coil (Made Easy)

I have received many emails asking about my homebrew RF Choke coils under my antennas in the antenna photos. So it seems appropriate to do an article about these simple little wonders. I was...

Solarcon I-Max 2000 Base Cb Antenna 0

The Solarcon I-MAX 2000

This antenna is so unique, I thought it deserved talking about. So I decided to do an article to explain why the I-MAX 2000 is the perfect antenna for ham radio use on 17...

.64 Wavelength Secret 0

The .64 Wavelength Secret

I have had several emails that spotted the information about the .64 wavelength in the Solarcon I-MAX 2000 article. They asked for more information about the importance of a .64 wavelength, so I thought...

60 Meter Band 0

60 Meter Band – In The U.S.A.

The following information applies only to Amateur Operators in the United States and it’s territories. For visitors outside the USA, please consult with the Amateur Radio governing authority in your country. BUT FIRST…. Before...