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.64 Wavelength Secret 0

The .64 Wavelength Secret

I have had several emails that spotted the information about the .64 wavelength in the Solarcon I-MAX 2000 article. They asked for more information about the importance of a .64 wavelength, so I thought...

60 Meter Band 0

60 Meter Band – In The U.S.A.

The following information applies only to Amateur Operators in the United States and it’s territories. For visitors outside the USA, please consult with the Amateur Radio governing authority in your country. BUT FIRST…. Before...

Operations 0

Operation within the band 13.553-13.567 MHz.

(a) The field strength of any emissions within the band 13.553-13.567 MHz shall not exceed 15,848 microvolts/meter at 30 meters. (b) Within the bands 13.410-13.553 MHz and 13.567-13.710 MHz, the field strength of any...

DGPS Stations 0

DPGS Stations Copied and Decoded By WB3ANQ

DGPS Stations Copied and Decoded By WB3ANQ (Nov 27 – Dec 12, 2003) Sorted By Station Station State Lat Lon Distance Bearing ID # Frequency Acushnet MA 41.681099 70.907622 344.3 57.4 198 306 Annapolis MD 38.979921...

Group Of Seven QRSS30 0

Group Of Seven QRSS30

December 12, 2002 Group Of Seven QRSS30 Top to bottom: IP – Path distance 887 Miles! – Agricola, MS. 185.302.86 TMO – Path distance 248 Miles – New Berlin, NY. 185.301.20 Varies with time...

ZL Test December 27, 2003 Capture 0

ZL Test December 27, 2003

ZL6QH Quartz Hill User Group Wellington New Zealand Quartz Hill is located at Makara – near Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. Quartz Hill Amateur Radio Station is managed by the Wellington Amateur...