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Modified K9AY Loop 0

K9AY Info

North/South East/West Loop Configuration Each Loop 70′ Across Base Leg. Apex 25′ High Total of 156′ Of #14 Wire In Each Loop.

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CLE/Session Report for Larry Putman, WB3ANQ Listening Location: Pasadena, FM19rc (39°06’15″N 076°33’30″W) Receiver(s): Ten Tech RX340, CEI 357, SDR-14 Antenna(s): WellBrook ALA100 46′ loop & K9AY 156′ Loops Software: WWSU6.7 Report Sorted by Frequency...

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Amateur Radio Station WB3ANQ

Operational mode QRPp QRSS Running as an MEPT. Manned Experimental Propagation Transmitter. Test Frequency 10.140.065 TO 10.140.070 MHz. GPS Disciplined. Location is Pasadena, Maryland FM19rc 39.07 North 076.32 West * August 24 OFF The...

Argo capture of Dex's NC 100 Milliwatt Medfer beacon on 510.500 Khz. 0

Screen Captures (Argo Software)

2001 Captures Argo capture of Lyle’s 1 watt Medfer beacon K0LR on 1800.700 Khz. 01/07/2001 10:30 Pm EST Equipment used for this reception: Ten Tec RX-340 Receiver using 100 Hz filter Antenna E-Field Probe...