The Hallicrafters SX-130. Review.

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  1. Cameron Stewart says:

    The crackling is due to arcing of the internal IF capacitors used to resonate with the IF coils. The B+ begins to arc over, on the plate side of the IF can, due to formation of carbonized tracks.

    These “capacitors” are made up of two small metal plates and a piece of mica, as part of the IF can mounting base assembly.

    The only cure is to remove the IF can, remove the metal cover, drill out the metal tabs of the gimmick capacitors, then solder in fixed NPO ceramic capacitors as replacements.
    I don’t remember what value I used. But I measured the IF transformer inductance and calculated suitable resonating capacitors for the 1650 KHz IF frequency. Replace both capacitors for top and bottom slugs.

    Then do the other IF cans as well. Even if they are still good, they will eventually develop the same problem.

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