Author: Pete

Bench AF Amplifier 0

Bench AF Amplifier. Schematic Diagram.

The circuit… This circuit consists of just a few discrete components and one common IC amplifier – the LM380N. It’s simple, cheap, quick to build and works well. I built mine in a steel,...

Thomas Edison 2

A.C Electricity …and why I hate it!

When I say A.C electricity I mean the kind of high-voltage stuff we have in our homes. So before anybody says: “Well, aren’t radio waves a form of A.C?”, let me explain what I...

Simple CW 10 m TX 0

Simple 10m CW Transmitter. Circuit Diagram.

The original circuit by the late Doug DeMaw W1FB, differs slightly from the one shown here. Two immediate differences are: A regulated DC supply for better frequency stability and a 2-pole low-pass filter for...