RF Choke Coil (Made Easy)

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  1. Robert Albrecht says:

    Just found your blog on EHam.com. Great reading on all subjects. Thanks for the info Regards and best wishes . Bob N9RMA

  2. VA2TUB says:

    Been trying to find a good way to understand RF chokes for a little while now … read a LOT of web pages … your explanation was by far THE best. You found the right words for me to finally have a crystal clear mental picture of what’s happening. No BS fancy words or graphs… etc, straight to the point.

  3. Gary says:

    If you measure down 18 to 24 inches on a 1/4 wave ground plane cb antenna with radials angled down at about 45° the choke will be between the radials. Is that ok? Will it interfere with the normal operation of the antenna? Thanks.

    • Mr. Scott says:

      It won’t necessarily interfere with the normal operation of the antenna but you’d be better off adding the choke at the 1/4 wave point down the coax.
      This might allow the coax braid to radiate like part of the counterpoise radials, but only for the first 1/4 wave.
      However, if you add a choke within the field of the radials, there’s a possibility the braid could capture and carry RF down it’s braid and into your shack, possibly causing local sympathetic radiation interference and/or RF in the audio or equipment.

  4. Gary says:

    I use receiving only magnetic loop antenna. Does it need a RF chock to remove the stray RF signal ?

  5. John N3KRL says:

    Clear, concise and fun to read. Thank you for the advice.

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