Velocity Factor of Coax

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  1. Charlie Slocum says:

    Was trying to remember… Figure the length of the coax keeping it in multiples of the needed frequency of use. Multiply the length by the velocity factor and add this length to the coax?

  2. cb to ham no doubt says:

    wow, hope you don’t make phasing harnesses.

  3. Don Colbert says:

    Well written and humerous. It’s funny how some people would think the VF would affect the antenna. I recently posted a picture that could be interpreted two different ways. To me it was obvious. But I had one fellow telling my how he had a “very adaptive mind” but could only see a single way of looking at it, and didn’t see the dual meaning until it was pointed out. His “adaptive mind” could not see past his one-way way of looking at things. I thought that amusing. Some got it. Some didn’t.

  4. Jason says:

    I’m sorry but the velocity factor absolutely affects the signal’s wavelength within the medium it is traveling and therefore affects the length of your antenna. This wavelength is different than the wavelength of the signal as it propagates through space.

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