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Beverage Antenna 0

W3LPL Beverage Antenna Construction

I (W3LPL) use separate phased Beverage arrays on 160M, 80M and 40M. If u plan to use a simple beverage ant, as opposed to phased beverages, u can certainly use a 580′ ant on...


End-fed antenna for QRP portable ops

Some friends and I have been talking about dong a camping trip, and I decided this would be a good opportunity to try some portable ops with an end-fed half wave antenna. I’ve been...

Comet GP-15 Antenna 0

Comet GP-15 (6M, 2M, & 440 Band Antenna)

Average price is $170.00 to $200.00 The Comet GP-15 is a pretty cool antenna that really delivers. The GP-15 covers 6 meters, 2 meters, and the 440 band. It uses a very simple design...

QUAD Antenna 0

The Quad Antenna and The ModQuad

Here’s some thoughts on a “hardware-store special” 2-meter quad, and a modified quad for 2 or 10 meters. You can convert these to other frequencies simply by scaleing all dimensions according to wavelength. That...

RF Choke Coil on Antennas 0

RF Choke Coil (Made Easy)

I have received many emails asking about my homebrew RF Choke coils under my antennas in the antenna photos. So it seems appropriate to do an article about these simple little wonders. I was...