The Solarcon I-MAX 2000

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4 Responses

  1. Where to buy the Solarcon I Max 2000 ?

  2. Kevin Hillman says:

    Unfortunately, Solarcon has chosen such a high price point, that it deters people
    from buying the antenna.
    I think it was a short sighted decision. I don’t know anyone that uses the Imax 2000, so I can’t get any anecdotal reports on its performance or sturdiness.

  3. Bonjour oui l’imax 2000 est une antenne formidable que j’utilise depuis 15 ans même pour dx avec 250 watts je fait des dx jusqu’ en Polynésie depuis la France si propagation est d’accord !! dommage le PRIX 200 EUROS très chère et devient rare !!

  4. Cor says:

    Just replacing my first one after 18 years and a gazillion storms over that periode, top broke off due to delaminating fiberglass through UV on it.
    Have 2 spares so replacing it and coax this weekend, used on 10/12/15/17 here.

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